Have you waited in the line at your favorite ice cream shop, for your turn, to order that one flavor you love the most? The moment you get it you have this burst of emotions that lead to devouring that in one go? Well, this post is all about taking…

Imagining Reality and Desire as two parameters for a recursive function

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Recursion Basics

Starting off with some math basics. Recursion is a phenomenon where a function calls itself. If there are no base conditions, then the recursion runs infinitely.

Fibonacci numbers can be generated as a recursive function. It is a series that looks like 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc……

A Chapter By Chapter condensation: Discourses 9–12

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Chapter 9 — The Preachers of Death

Zarathustra(Z) talks about those people who preach about death every single day of their life in this chapter.


A Chapter By Chapter condensation: Discourses 5–8

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Chapter 5 — Joys and Passions

In this chapter Zarathustra(Z), talks about virtue and how it is important to have one in one’s life.


A Chapter By Chapter condensation: Discourses 1–4

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Chapter 1 — The Three Metamorphoses

There are three stages in which the spirit undergoes changes according to Zarathustra(Z). They are the camel, the lion…

A Chapter By Chapter condensation: Prologue

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Part 1: Zarathustra’s Prologue

Chapter 1

The first chapter introduces us to a conversation between Zarathustra and the Sun. It begins by describing how Zarathustra(Z) left…

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where everyone was obsessed about a horse. He was a tall, athletic black stallion. Everyone was enticed by its charm and no one knew where it came from. It was also untamable. It belonged to no human being.

The king knew the…

A simple sacrifice is to be aware that not taking an action is also an action

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It was 2012 and I was working at my first job after college. I had a colleague named Romen who was into jujitsu, strength training, and overall fitness. As an engineer trained to be behind a computer screen, I was interested to learn about his dedication.

One afternoon, we had…

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If you were to learn a new skill, would you choose to learn it through attention or concentration? Is there any difference between these two? Isn’t concentration nothing but focused attention? …

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“Thank You” was not a thing that I got to learn to say a lot growing up in the 90’s in Indian suburbs. Schools mostly taught things for the sake of teaching. The expectation was that the students would be able to learn enough to impress the attention of colleges…



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